C & R Cleaning Services is a legally created company whose purpose is to offer cleaning and maintenance services to the commercial, residential, institutional and industrial sectors. We are recognized for the appropriate use of high technology, our experience of 20 years and our responsibility in business and environmental care.

We focus on fulfilling our specific objectives, which are:


  • Respond to the need

Respond to the need to improve the working environment, the elimination of waste produced by the disorder, lack of cleanliness, leakage, pollution, etc.

  • Reduce losses by increasing quality

Reduce losses by increasing quality, reducing time and costs, with staff intervention in workplace and increasing job motivation.

  • Facilitate and create the conditions

Facilitate and create the conditions to increase the useful life of the elements and work equipment

  • Improve standardization and compliance discipline

Improve standardization and compliance discipline to allow staff to participate in the development of cleanliness and order procedures.

  • Reduce the potential causes

Reduce the potential causes of accidents and increase the awareness of care and conservation of equipment and other resources of the company.

Continuous Improvement

We offer a safe, orderly, clean and healthy working and residential environment through an orderly and clean management that allows to improve the environmental conditions to take to the work and personal well-being of each one of our clients and operators optimizing process and the physical space per a philosophy of Continuous Improvement:



C & R Cleaning Services, through our knowledge, experience and dedication with commercial, residential, institutional and industrial sectors, we offer the services of cleaning and maintenance; our guaranteed work of Continuous Improvement and environmental responsibility in our internal and external processes, provides our clients with an optimal high quality service.


For the year 2020, C & R Cleaning Services will be the best local company in the provision of cleaning and maintenance services; using the latest technology, well trained human resources and supervisors; C&R will be recognized for our corporate social responsibility and environmental protection to ensure decent, safe and friendly work; allowing sustainable growth and generating the expected profitability.

Quality Policies

Acting with the law and complying with all our internal policies has a strategic plan and is, therefore, a philosophy of our good corporate governance.

  • Compliance Policy:

As good corporate citizens, we promote the conduct of business within ethical values, leading to transparent competitive practices.

  • Quality policy:

We have the technology and processes that guarantee the quality of our products, backed by strict process control and a high ethical level.

  • Communication policy:

Our communication actions are oriented to the search of the positioning and recognition of the organization as much as the interior as the outside, guided by a policy based on the basic functions: open and transparent communication, accessibility and global character.

  • Corporate Social Responsibility Policy:

This policy is an important element of how we conduct business and guide our decisions and actions; it must be integrated into the business and activities in all our areas of influence.


C & R Cleaning Services is represented under the following organization chart: